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Alessandra Meniconzi

Alessandra Meniconzi has decided to exhibit photographs taken during her travels in Siberia and Mongolia. In Siberia he documented the life of the Nenets, a nomadic people who partly live on reindeer breeding in the tundra and who are threatened by both climate change and gas and oil extraction. In Mongolia, however, he photographed the Kazakh eagle hunters, whose tradition dates back thousands of years.

"A face, a light, a gaze that penetrates the lens and tells you, in a kaleidoscope of images, the reality of life, the everyday life of the simple, the dream of living in symbiosis with a healthy and clean environment.

I like to bear witness to the expressions of a world in which the seduction of progress does not alter traditions and cultures, living with them without upsetting them, and makes every man a happy protagonist of his own existence: this irresistibly attracts me and makes me feel lucky to be a photographer” ( A. Meniconzi).

Alessandra Meniconzi has always loved travel and photography.

Trained as a graphic designer, she does not hesitate to change her path and set off, camera in hand, on her first exciting expeditions to ever more distant territories: from the remote and remote regions of Africa and Asia to the extreme frozen desolation of the Arctic, to the search for a deep human contact with other cultures.

It is not so much the landscape itself that attracts it, but the animated beings that populate it and that move in it, as in a theater in which every living being is a scenographic element and an actor at the same time.

Alessandra has received numerous important awards and prizes in international photographic competitions and is the author of countless publications in various culture and travel magazines.

Ettore Silini

The artist presents a world closer to us, but not better known for this.

His photographs show local insects, represented in all their beauty thanks to the use of macro photographs that illustrate every detail. These close encounters reveal unimaginable colors and details to him. Insects are seen as real characters and it is this way of portraying them that represents the peculiarity of his shots: the aim is not only to document the morphology of the insect, but to create a portrait that enhances the beauty of these individuals as a whole who have always lived with us and who are little known.

“Closing your eyes for an instant and reopening them in a world populated by funny individuals who wear the colors of the rainbow. Observe them, marvel and get lost in the infinity of details that confirm our diversity. Exploring that little universe that we trample every day. Unveiling the beauty hidden in the simple and unusual reality. All this excites me, and why not, it allows me to be a child again for a few moments!

Click!” (E. SIlini)

Ettore Silini (Mendrisio, 1978) has been passionate about insects since he was a child and with the arrival of the digital age he learned the technique of self-taught macro photography. Easel on his shoulder and camera around his neck, he begins his journey to discover a new world at zero km. Study the habits of the local insects, their characteristics and research new techniques to go beyond the classic macro photography to shoot these small living creatures with the utmost respect.

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